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Episode 10. - A Nickel is on the Line with Kelly Stewart

This week Brian talks shop with the wonderful Ms. Kelly Stewart. Things get heated and end with a wager!

Moving on, our SEC preview is covered in further detail, we hit in on the UFC, and of course Mayweather vs. McGregor.


Episode 9. - Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with Rachel Baribeau

Brian interviews super star sports journalist, activist, mountain climber, and all around amazing lady Rachel Baribeau. In the latter half of the podcast we start to dig deep in on the SEC. Get It!


Episode 8. - Playoffs Galore! Place your Bets! Featuring Kevin Rogers & Jason Floyd

This week we are hot with playoff picks. The NBA and The NHL are on the radar. We also touch on College Football previews and The UFC. All aboard for this killer episode.


Episode 7. - NBA All the Way featuring Zach Bingham & Paul Howard

We talk the NBA Finals, Brian and Harbo's winning weekend, and the NHL playoffs. Get the inside scoop! Place your bets!


Episode 6. - Beat Down the Odds for UFC 211 featuring Louis Finocchiaro & Chris Harry

We are gearing up for UFC 211 and finding the sweet spot in the NBA Finals. Brian breaks down UFC 211 with Lou, and talks Gator with Chris. Harbo puts it on the line with $100.00

Tune in, Turn On and Drop a Bet. Games Galore is just getting started!


Episode 5. - Zoo Trip

Brian and Harbo cover a wide range of sports content after being thrown off by a zoo trip gone bad. We talk Charles Barkley, Churros, The NFL Draft, UFC 211 and Aaron Hernandez. Join us for Games Galore 5! 


Episode 4. - A Wild Weekend featuring Rick Bozich & Jim Rode

Rick Bozich and Jim Rode join the podcast to discuss the Big Blue Nation. We also recap a weird and wild weekend in UFC.


Episode 3. - The Heartbreak Hotel featuring Kelly Stewart

Brian and Harbo discuss the crushing weekend, PCP usage, and Kelly joins the conversation. Check it out!


Episode 2. - March Madness featuring Jason Floyd

Get those brackets out and ready. Brian's got your back.


Episode 1. - Chris Vernon & Austin Stanley

Welcome to The Games Galore Podcast. Episode 1 features guests Chris Vernon aka "Verno" and Austin Stanley. Sit back, relax and enjoy.